Shower Glass Sealants

When you select a Basco tub or shower enclosure you have the option of having Aquaglide applied to your glass directly at the factory.  Aquaglide seals the surface of the glass to help prevent hard water deposits, soap and other residues from embedding in the pores of the glass.  Basco offers a three-year limited warranty on Aquaglide. You may use this link to read about Aquaglide

Frameless, clear glass shower enclosures in 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ will have Showerguard protecting the glass.  Guardian Industries, the maker of Showerguard, offers a LIFETIME limited warranty on Showerguard.  For more information or to view a video, go to

Neither Aquaglide nor Showerguard will take the place of regular cleaning, they just help protect the glass in between cleanings.

Help protect your investment by adding Aquaglide or Showerguard to your shower glass.